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Yongkang Mechwidget import & Export Co., Ltd.

Address: South 505, World Trade Center, Yongkang

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E-mail: Anna@mechwidget.com


Website: http://www.mechwidget.com

About Us

Yongkang Mechwidget Import & Export Co.Ltd is dedicated to providing premium services and products to our clients . Our products offering covers a wide range of spectrum including lawn mowers, chain saw , sprayers, gasoline generators and other outdoor power equipments, tools and accessories.

Since its founding, our company has been working every day to live our values of “Serve the clients , Spread the comfort”. With quality products and broad vision, we always offer the best of us to everyone , empowering those linked to the land : farmers , ranchers, loggers and builders of all kinds.


Going forward , Mechwidget will continue to express the quality of us by committing to all who cultivate,harvest,transform,enrich, and maintain the land and who embrace a greener planet. We believe our past,passion and purpose shall promise unsurpassed treatment to all our customers, investors and employees. By working with the like-minded in making all more productive and profitable, Mechwidget is well positioned to becoming your equipment supplier of choice.

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